Transfiguration School

What is Passive Fundraising?


Transfiguration School participates in a number of of passive fundraising programs that earn either credits or cash for the school by collection coupons or providing shopping rebates. This is a very easy way for everyone to contribute cost free - you do not have to spend any extra money!!!  We encourage all families to participate in at least one of the passive fundraising programs. Consider making it a family effort by recruiting grandparents and friends!

Every-Day Ways To Support Us isn't just for Books and CDs. Amazon offers just about anything you need.  Start your next visit to Amazon by clicking on the link below and you will also be supporting our school.  Transfiguration School will receive up to 5% of the value of your purchases--at no extra cost to you!

Remember to collect your Box Tops for Education from hundreds of General Mills products. The seal is worth .10 cents and will be used for purchasing items for the school. Just send your BoxTops into school or drop them off at the school office!! Visit Boxtops for Education for more info.

The Scrip Program puts your regular household shopping dollars to work for Transfiguration School. You earn money for our School without spending an additional penny!

Stop & Shop A+ program

Registration is going on now.  Please go on and register your Stop & Shop card for Transfiguration School.  Our code is 05964

Box Tops Program

Amazon Program

Scrip Program


How Does It Work?

Click on the Amazon link and begin shopping!

Scrip Program

Subscription forms are sent home in student folders and can also be downloaded from the website.

Box Tops 4 Education

Box tops collection bin is located in the school lobby.  Our school number is 381499.